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Who is Triton Automotive?

  • Triton Automotive Group (Triton) is a privately held Delaware LLC, owned and operated by U.S. automotive dealers.  
  • Triton is uniquely positioned as one of the largest dealer owned and operated Automotive cooperatives in America.
  • Triton members share a cooperative vision of providing dealer services on a national scale delivering efficiencies & savings competitive with large dealer groups.
  • Triton's goal is to lower cost and improve dealer profitability with dealer owned solutions.   


Triton Vision

  • As the industry tightens and margins continue to compress, dealers must develop new profit centers to survive.  Most importantly, these new Profit Centers must have a life of their own. 
  • Over time, Triton will provide many services historically provided by third party providers.  
  • In doing so, Triton will create new revenue streams capturing profit (currently made by third party companies) and distributing this profit back to dealers.  
  • Triton's dealer led Board of Directors are working on business solutions for today with keen emphasis on adapting for the automotive industry of tomorrow. 
  • Triton is built by Dealers for Dealers...putting Dealers in control of their own destiny.

Triton’s Long-Term plan is to provide automotive products, services for the benefit of its dealer pa

Triton Protect™

  • Triton Automotive Group begins with Triton Protect™, a vehicle warranty service division established to improve F&I performance and margin.
  • Triton Protect™ is a comprehensive extended vehicle service company providing product development, management services, training and administrative support for US Dealer members. 
  • Triton Protect™ products are underwritten by A.M. Best "A" rated insurers.
  • Different than competitors, Triton does not compete with OEM's.  Think of Triton as a Dealer Owned company to supplement OEM full service contracts and not replace.
  • Triton wants to work with OEM's to develop retail solutions to capture lost sales and improve performance.
  • The Triton model is unmatched in the industry allowing every dealer an opportunity to benefit from the financial performance of the company.

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