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Our Vision

Triton Automotive Group will be uniquely positioned as the largest dealer owned and operated re-insurance company in North America.  Our team consists of some of the world’s most prestigious dealers along with a proven group of industry executives to help lead this exciting new option for US dealerships.

Our Philosophy

The Triton model allows dealer participation in every revenue stream in the F&I process.  No other company has your best interest at heart...dealers helping dealers...Triton cuts out the middleman resulting in significantly higher profit for US dealer partners.  Bottom line, Triton puts more money in your pocket on every sale!

What we do

Triton provides F&I management, product development, business development, training & administrative services for US Dealer Partners.  Triton will partner with OEM’s to develop new products to support F&I sales growth.  Triton‘s #1 mission is to improve sales & profit for US dealer partners.

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