Built by Dealers for Dealers

About us

Our Vision

  • Triton Automotive Group is uniquely positioned as one of the largest dealer owned and operated automotive cooperatives in North America.  
  • Triton Automotive Group is an umbrella company with plans to develop multiple business platforms in the automotive industry.
  • Triton Protect™ extended vehicle service company is the first business platform to be launched under the Triton Automotive Group.

Our Philosophy

  • Triton's Board of Directors consist of nine of the most respected Automotive Dealers in the United States, representing over 25 Automotive brands.
  • Triton is built by dealers for dealers, offering full transparency to every dealer member...bottom line you see what we see, a rare thing in our industry.
  • Triton is interested in partnering with OEM's to develop retail solutions to capture lost sales and improve performance for both dealer and OEM.
  • Triton dealers are encouraged to sell a broad mix of OEM and Triton branded products - Triton believes in dealer choice. 

Triton Protect™

  • Triton Protect™ is a comprehensive extended vehicle service company providing product development, management services, training and administrative support for US Dealer members. 
  • Triton Protect™ products are underwritten by A.M. Best "A" rated insurers.
  • The Triton model is unmatched in the industry allowing every dealer an opportunity to benefit from the financial performance of the company. 
  • Triton puts dealers in control of their own destiny.

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Triton Automotive Group®

3003 East 98th Street, Suite 107, Indianapolis, Indiana 46280, United States

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